MZJ is proud to be representing Ashley Hatch, who plays as a forward for the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League.

After being drafted second overall in the 2017 NWSL College Draft, Ashley has gone on to play for the North Carolina Courage, and currently the reigning NWSL Champion Washington Spirit. Ashley was the 2021 NWSL Golden Boot Winner, awarded to the top goal scorer in the NWSL. Ashley has also appeared in 4 matches for the US Womens National Team since November of 2021, scoring 3 goals and adding an assist as well.

With our Idaho Falls attorneys, her career is in good hands! Keep an eye out for this rising NWSL champion!

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Sports Representatives

Whether it’s major league baseball, football or any other professional sport, certified sports agent attorneys are the men and women who help professional athletes make their dreams come true. We are financial managers, contract advisers, sport marketing experts, publicists, cheerleaders—everything except the athlete’s actual coach or manager. Sports Agents are professional intermediaries who can negotiate contracts between athletes and professional sports organizations. We are middlemen, also called agents or representatives. We can help athletes find sponsorships, endorsements, and even jobs within or outside the sports industry after their athletic career has ended.

A good sports agent is there to guide you through negotiations with all of your teams. That means making sure that your team makes as much money as possible while still staying within legal limits.

Most importantly, it is our job to know everything about you—successful sports agents need to know what you want most out of your career, how good you are, and what you can do better. We then take that information and present it to teams and help you achieve your goals in legal terms. When it comes to sport management, we are here to get you the most out of your career.

Who Needs a Sports Agent?

Any professional athlete can benefit from a sports agent to handle both non-salary related contracts and their salary. While it is possible for an athlete without a sports agent to negotiate their own contract, the job of an agent is to do the important things like keeping your business dealings private, helping you make money with endorsements, negotiating endorsement deals that will benefit you most, etc.

These are all things that should not be done by someone who has never negotiated before, as it leaves you open to pitfalls and mistakes that anyone inexperienced in this world would fall prey to.

What to Expect From A Sports Agent

The best part about hiring a sports management agent at MZJ is that whatever we say or promise, we can deliver. After all, we have built our reputation on delivering excellent results in every contract negotiation we take on—from salaries and bonuses to endorsements and appearance fees.

The sports agents at MZJ are trained negotiators, highly experienced in all aspects of contract negotiations with anyone including team owners. Plus, our extensive network means we’re able to get you the best deals on merchandise and endorsements. Sports agent salary accounts for getting you the most out of your career both financially and personally. Many sports agents earn career-long loyalty from their clients—we’re confident you will want us on your side indefinitely!

How Sports Agents Can Help You

Our team at MZJ is always available for you, whether you need us during your games or training sessions or if it’s the off-season from major sports leagues. We know what it takes to excel in this game and will do everything possible to help you reach your goals.

So don’t wait any longer. If you want the support of a sports agency with a proven track record of success in the sports management industry—along with excellent negotiating skills and great insight into the world of sports—we’re the sports agents you can rely on.

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