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Native American Law

With over 15 years of experience in Native American Law, Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC specialize in many services, including the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Our team has a deep respect and understanding of Tribal, State, and Federal legal systems, fostering strong connections with community leaders to represent clients effectively across different courts. 

Honoring Native American Law

Focused on tribal courts in Utah and neighboring states, MZJ is adept at navigating the legal landscapes of the 574 federally recognized Native American Tribes, providing knowledgeable and culturally sensitive legal guidance.
Our services cover personal legal matters, including divorce, adoption, juvenile court, guardianship, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), probate, and criminal law in tribal courts. In addition, we advocate for tribal individuals and interests in State and Federal courts. Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC is dedicated to offering compassionate, professional legal services to those dealing with the intricacies of Native American Law.

Native American Law Services

Family Law
Our attorneys have extensive experience working through all family law issues, including divorce, custody, modifications, and more. With our experience, MZJ is able to help families navigate the complexities of family law in the tribal court system.
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
Our attorneys specialize in ensuring full compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) during child custody proceedings. The ICWA is a federal law that seeks to keep Native American children with Native American families and acknowledges the vital role of tribal culture and heritage in a child’s life.
We represent both tribes and individuals in all matters involving child welfare, including foster care placements, adoption cases, and guardianship disputes. Our goal is to uphold the rights of Native American children, their families, and their tribes, ensuring that their interests are protected and respected throughout the legal process. Whether you are seeking to draft tribal documents or use the ICWA to receive custody, our team of trusted attorneys provides experienced legal counsel and representation.
Cultural and Intellectual Property
We provide comprehensive legal support to protect and preserve sacred sites, artifacts, and traditional knowledge of our clients. Our services include advising on strategies to safeguard these cultural treasures from unauthorized use and exploitation.
Additionally, we handle intellectual property issues related to cultural heritage, ensuring that our clients’ traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, and artifacts are legally protected. We work diligently to uphold our clients’ rights and interests, preserving their cultural heritage for future generations.
Tribal Governance
Our team of experienced tribal attorneys specializes in drafting and revising governing documents, such as tribal constitutions, bylaws, and codes, to ensure they accurately reflect the values, traditions, and legal needs of the tribe. We provide detailed legal guidance to help tribes establish and maintain governing structures that promote effective administration.
Economic Development
MZJ attorneys provide strategic advice on the formation and operation of tribal enterprises, helping to create sustainable and thriving businesses. Our deep understanding of federal, state, and tribal tax regulations allows us to guide clients through intricate taxation issues, ensuring that they maximize their financial benefits while remaining fully compliant with all relevant laws.
Land Management
Our legal team advises on issues related land rights such as land ownership, usage, and disputes. We provide legal guidance on the management and protection of natural resources, including water, minerals, and wildlife.

The MZJ Approach

The trusted lawyers at MZJ recognize that being an experienced attorney in Native American law requires several key elements to provide respectful, effective, and culturally sensitive representation. Our team approaches clients with a profound understanding of tribal sovereignty and culture, ensuring we meet their unique needs and concerns.
Our attorneys are not only knowledgeable in federal and state laws but also have extensive experience with the unique legal landscape that affects Native American tribes. We understand the unique challenges faced by many Native American communities and are committed to delivering respectful, effective, and culturally attuned representation. Whether you need assistance with personal legal issues or broader advocacy in higher courts, Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC is here to provide the legal support you need.
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