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A will is a formal document, stating your wishes upon your death. Here at MZJ, we work with YOU to determine what your wishes are for your estate upon your death. We draft wills regularly not just for clients in advanced stages of life, but also young couples who have just had their first child, young individuals who amass great wealth, and more .
A will generally includes:
-How your property and debts will be distributed upon your death
-Who you wish to act as the personal representative for your estate
-The terms on which you want your belongings to be handled
-And much more.


A Trust is a legal entity that you create to hold your assets during your life, or upon your death. A Trust allows you to have great control over how your property is distributed, such as not allowing one of the people you designate to receive assets until they reach a certain age, or meet a certain condition. Trusts are complicated, and required a thorough review and careful planning from an Attorney. Here at MZJ, we have set up Trusts for dozens of clients, and can help you navigate and set up yours. We have experience setting up the following kinds of Trusts:
-Revocable Trusts
-Irrevocable Trusts
-Family Trusts
-Living Trusts
-Charity Remainder Trusts
-Testamentary Trusts
-And more.

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