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At Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC, we offer services surrounding the elder law, where we protect seniors and individuals with unique needs by addressing healthcare, estate planning, public benefits, housing, and various related legal issues. 

Our team of attorneys upholds all legal standards, including those pertaining to elder law, enabling Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC to offer services such as:
Retirement and Pension Benefits. Our trusted legal team provides counsel for Social Security benefits, pension plans, and for the appeal process if benefits have been denied.
Long-Term Care Planning. MZJ attorneys offer comprehensive guidance on future planning such as estate planning, wills, trusts, and advance directives, enabling clients to protect their assets and express their healthcare preferences.
Estate Planning. We help all clients draft wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents to ensure their wishes are followed and their assets are protected.
Veterans’ Benefits. We offer support for veterans and their families wanting to access the benefits they are entitled to.
Housing and Care. Our team of attorneys ensures clients make informed decisions on housing and care by advising on care contracts, residents’ rights, and eligibility for benefits.
Abuse and Fraud Protection. Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC helps identify, prevent, and address cases of elder abuse, exploitation, and financial fraud.

Representation for All

At Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC, we deeply value every client and are committed to providing comprehensive legal support. We offer tailored elder law services, ensuring our clients receive compassionate and proactive guidance in estate planning, long-term care, guardianship, and other essential matters.
By upholding the highest standards of legal care, we help protect the rights, assets, and well-being of older adults and their families.
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