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As a full-service law firm, Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC provides comprehensive legal services in all areas, including patent law. A patent is a form of intellectual property that grants the patent holder exclusive rights to their invention. 
If you obtain a patent, you have the legal authority to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing your original products and inventions without your permission. Our patent law services are designed to assist you through the entire process of obtaining a patent, ensuring that your innovative ideas are fully protected under the law.

Patent Law Services

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Our team of experienced patent lawyers is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of patent law with a personalized approach. Whether you are an individual inventor, a start-up, or an established corporation, we are here to provide comprehensive solutions. From initial consultations and patent searches to filing applications and defending your patents, we cover all aspects of patent protection and enforcement. Some of our legal support includes:
Prosecution- Our team of experienced patent lawyers works with the patent office to secure patent protection for your invention. We handle all communications with patent examiners until your application is either granted or rejected. If the application is rejected, MZJ attorneys can manage appeals and any post-grant proceedings to maintain or enforce your patent
Patent Litigation- We offer quality legal representation in court for any cases involving alleged patent infringement. In addition, our attorneys handle post-grant opposition proceedings, reexaminations, and inter partes reviews (IPR) to challenge the validity of granted patents.
Licensing and Transactions- MZJ attorneys negotiate and draft patent licensing agreements to ensure all your rights are protected. Additionally, our team facilitates the transfer of technology and associated intellectual property rights, providing comprehensive support throughout the process.
Infringement Litigation – MZJ attorneys aggressively protect your patents from infringers who are seeking to profit from your unique invention. In addition to these services, Murray, Ziel, and Johnston, PLLC provides experienced patent services related to:
    • International patent protection
    • Patent Monetization
    • IP valuation
    • and more!

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Offering a wide range of patent law services, we deliver our support with compassion and knowledge, advocating for you and your property. Your rights, needs, and concerns are our priority as we assist you in any patent process. We uphold honest principles, ensuring that every aspect of the process is seamless.

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