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As certified sports agent attorneys, we play a crucial role in realizing the professional athletic dreams of our clients. We act as a combination of financial manager, contract advisor, sports marketing specialist, publicist and even cheerleader, providing support in all areas except for coaching or management. Our role as intermediaries allows us to negotiate between athletes and sports organizations and secure tailored contracts for our clients.

In addition to contract negotiations, we also help athletes secure sponsorships, endorsements, and even plan for their post-athletic careers. As a trusted sports agent, it’s our responsibility to understand our clients’ goals, abilities, and what they want to achieve in their athletic careers. We use this knowledge to make sure that our clients receive highly favorable contracts and opportunities while staying within legal boundaries.

Our main focus is always on our clients’ best interests, and we use our knowledge in sports management to maximize their career potential and help them achieve their goals.

The Benefits of Having a Sports Agent

Professional athletes can greatly benefit from having a sports agent manage their non-salary and salary related contracts. An experienced agent can handle the important tasks of keeping business dealings confidential, maximizing endorsement deals, and avoiding common pitfalls that an inexperienced athlete may face.

Quality Representation from MZJ Sports Agents

In Meridian and Idaho Falls, Murray, Ziel, & Johnston, PLLC reputation for delivering outstanding results in contract negotiations, from salaries and bonuses to endorsements and appearance fees, sets us apart. Our agents are skilled negotiators and knowledgeable in all aspects of contract negotiations with team owners. Our extensive network also allows us to secure high-end deals on merchandise and endorsements. A sports agent salary is an investment that can bring financial and personal gains to your career. With a commitment to delivering results, we strive to earn the loyalty of our clients for the duration of their athletic careers.

Why Choose MZJ as Your Sports Agent?

Our team at Murray, Ziel, & Johnston, PLLC in Idaho Falls and Meridian is dedicated to helping you succeed in the world of professional sports. Whether you need us during the season or off-season, we’re always available to support you and help you reach your goals. With a proven track record of success in sports management, our agents bring a wealth of knowledge and negotiation skills to the table.

Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from our experience and connections in the sports world. Contact MZJ today to schedule a consultation and take your sports career to the next level. Simply give us a call at (208) 528-4188 or fill out the form provided for a prompt response.

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Ashley Hatch, a forward for the reigning NWSL Champion Washington Spirit, is proud to be represented by MZJ. She was drafted second overall in the 2017 NWSL College Draft and has since played for the North Carolina Courage. In 2021, Ashley received the NWSL Golden Boot award for being the top goal scorer in the league. In addition, she has made 4 appearances for the US Women’s National Team, scoring 3 goals and contributing 1 assist. Our Utah lawyers are committed to helping Ashley reach her full potential in her sports career. Stay tuned for updates on this rising NWSL star!

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