Flat Fee Trademark Registration

Ready to move forward with registration? See our two options below to determine the best fit for you.

Flat Fee

Know what you're going to pay ahead of time.


Over 30 years combined legal experience.


Keep your trademark distinct in a global economy.

Save Time

Our streamlined process gets your application filed faster.

Option 1

Step by Step Registration

  • 2 Consultations With an Attorney
  • Smaller Deposit Payments
  • Total Fee of $1099 plus filing fees

Step 1: Intake & Initial Deposit

Fill out our intake sheet, and pay an initial $350 deposit for us to conduct a preliminary search.

Step 2: Knockout Search & Consultation

Following the knockout search, we will schedule a time with you to discuss your goals and vision for your trademark to determine the best path forward. If determined that proceeding is the best step, you’ll pay an additional $750 to proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: AI Search & Opinion Letter

Following our initial consultation, we will conduct a comprehensive search of your mark utilizing Artificial Intelligence to ensure we have a clear picture of risk involved with your mark. An Attorney will also draft an opinion letter, explaining the risks involved with your mark.

Step 4: Consultation & Final Deposit

An attorney will schedule time with you to discuss the comprehensive search and determine if proceeding with an application for registration is prudent. If determined to be the course of action, you’ll pay the final deposit of $200 plus filing fees, which are $275 per class of goods and services. 

Step 5: Filing of Application

We will draft and submit your application with the USPTO, and update you of the registration of your mark from start to finish.


Option 2

Streamlined Registration

  • 1 Consultation with an Attorney
  • One Time Flat Fee Payment
  • Total Fee of $999 plus filing fees

Step 1: Intake & Payment of Flat Fee

Fill out our intake sheet and we will get started right away conducting a comprehensive search utilizing artificial intelligence to ensure we have a clear picture of risk involved with your mark.

Step 2: Opinion Letter & Consultation

Following the comprehensive search, an Attorney will draft an opinion letter explaining the results of the search and the risk involved with proceeding forward. 

Step 3: Filing of Application

After receiving the filing fee from you, we will draft and submit your application for registration with the USPTO. Additionally, we will monitor the progress of your mark and keep you updated along the way. 


*Note, both options additionally include any response to non-substantive office actions in relation to your application. 

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