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When To Start Looking For Family Law Attorneys

by Jaxon Munns

When To Start Looking For Family Law Attorneys

by Jaxon Munns

If you’re dealing with a problem that falls under the purview of family law, from divorce or adoption to personal injury or domestic violence, it’s always best to hire a family law attorney who can give you aggressive representation rather than trying to represent yourself.

We handle all areas of family law, including emancipation, marital property, alimony, paternity, and prenuptial agreement.

If you’re seeking a lawyer offering a free consultation on anything regarding family law, we’re happy to provide you with education and answers.

Our Family Law Attorneys In Idaho Falls Can Help In The Following Areas



Hart Law Offices Family Law PracticeWe’ve helped numerous Idaho Falls clients achieve their family goals in all areas of adoption, including:

  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Putative Father Adoptions
  • Grandparent Adoptions

We’ve also provided legal services regarding The Indian Child Welfare Act—according to their website, “The purpose of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) to protect the best interest of Indian children and to promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families by the establishment of minimum Federal standards for the removal of Indian children and placement of such children in homes which will reflect the unique values of Indian culture.”

Custody Modifications

It’s important to have a child custody lawyer on your side if a material change in circumstances between in the family has occurred that affects the best interests of your adolescent.

We will often see a client come into our office for help with:

  • Relocation by one or both parents
  • Remarriage by one or both parents
  • Change in employment or income by one or both parents
  • Changes with the adolescent, such as preference or behavioral issues
  • Failure by a parent to follow a divorce decree
  • Abuse or neglect

We offer free consultation and the legal education, advice, and strategies people need to solve these family issues.


Family DisputesDivorce can be a complicated matter both personally and in the realm of family law. Whether the issue is a marriage-ending fight, domestic violence, or simply life circumstances taking their course, you need an Idaho Falls family lawyer on your side who can provide objective, rational mediation.

Contact us for a free consultation and an Idaho Falls attorney who can handle:

  • Uncontested Divorce – Where both parties are in agreement and want to handle property distribution, custody, and support as easily as possible.
  • Divorce With Children
  • Divorce Without Children
  • Divorce With Extensive Property At Issue


family relationships legal processIn family law, guardianship refers to one’s legal right to care for someone.

At our office, we typically see the following scenarios:

  • An elderly person who can no longer take care of him or herself,
  • Someone with special needs who has turned 18 and cannot assume adult responsibilities,
  • A situation involving a parent who cannot care for their children.

Contact our office for an Idaho Falls attorney help on these matters.

Child Support

Family law in Idaho Falls can make this situation difficult, but if you need a family law lawyer who can make the entire implementation and adjustment processes easier on you or both parties, contact our Idaho Falls attorney office for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law & How A Lawyer Can Help

Are Family Law Cases Public Record?

Most court proceedings are a matter of public record. Some exceptions would be cases of sexual abuse (especially regarding children). Our Idaho Falls attorneys can negotiate the court in matters of public record and document filings.

Can Family Law Decisions Be Appealed?

You can always appeal a final decision in a family law court. An attorney can help you do this.

How Do Court Proceedings Work In Family Law?

legal issues - prenuptial agreementsFamily law cases typically proceed along the following steps:

  • Opening case (where the court action is started by the Plaintiff).
  • The Defendant responds to the case.
  • A case management conference ensues where both parties appear in court to discuss the issue.
  • Mediation/Settlement – here your Idaho Falls family lawyer can help you come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.
  • Motion practice, where temporary orders can be issued from the judge to guide both parties as the case carries on.
  • Discovery – here both parties present their cases in court. Your attorney undergoes the business of presenting evidence and highlighting strengths in your case while finding weaknesses in the other’s.
  • Trial – If an agreement can’t be reached, a trial is set and your lawyer will help you get the best outcome in the final verdict.
  • Post-trial, where your attorney can help you appeal the judge’s final decision if need be.
  • Changing the order later – as time goes on, court orders may lose their validity or practicality—your Idaho Falls family lawyer can request the judge make changes of the final order on your behalf.

How Can A Family Law Attorney Help?

Family Law AttorneysThe business of family law can be messy and complicated, like almost all areas of the law, be it estate law, criminal law, business law, personal injury law, etc.

Family law attorneys help you get the best outcome for you and your family by representing you, presenting arguments to the judge and court, offering you objective and strategic legal advice, spending hours on making sure paperwork is filed correctly and all loose ends are tied up.

Our attorneys have been in the business of family law for a long time. Call us at 208-528-4188.

Family Law

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